Blinker Car Subscription

Subscribe today and drive away

Subscribe to drive at any participating dealership with registration, insurance and maintenance included in one affordable weekly payment with no long-term commitment.

Are you a car dealer or business? Learn about the platform

Are you a car dealer or business?

Car subscription software for your dealership

Blinker is an end-to-end software platform solution that allows you to drive car subscription in your own dealership - on your own terms.


How does Blinker car subscription work?

Visit a car dealer
Choose a car
Pay as you drive
Visit a car dealer

Apply to subscribe by visiting any participating car dealership either online or in person and get approved instantly. Each dealership offers their own plans, pricing and perks so it pays to shop around.

Are you a car dealer? Become a Blinker partner
Choose a car

Subscribe to drive from as little as $129 per week. Choose a car that suits your lifestyle and pick a plan that suits your needs and budget.

Pay as you drive

Just pay week-to-week as you drive. Swap or return your car as your needs change.

what is blinker car subscription?

Own the drive,
not the car.

With Blinker, there are no long-term contracts, no balloon payments and no ongoing fees. Just subscribe to drive at any participating dealership for an affordable weekly payment, then swap or return the car as your needs change.

Car ownership without the nuts and bolts

What does a Blinker car subscription include?

Registration & Insurance

Remove the budget stress of car registration and insurance every year, it's all covered in your weekly payment.

Servicing & Maintenance

Enjoy complimentary scheduled servicing through your participating Blinker car dealership.

Vehicle Warranty

Know you're covered if anything goes wrong with a limited vehicle warranty for the entire duration of your subscription.

Roadside Assistance

Help is never far away with roadside assistance cover included as standard with your subscription.

Is car subscription a good alternative?

The flexible alternative to car ownership

Car subscription is the flexible, affordable and convenient way to drive on your own terms. Blinker offers the benefits of a car lease with the flexibility of a rental while still offering the convenience of choosing your own car.

No long-term commitment

With no lock-in contracts, no ongoing fees and minimum terms as short as 30 days, you can subscribe to drive without any long-term commitment.

Keep the car for as long as you like

Return anytime after your minimum term

Only pay while you're subscribed

Drive away on the same day

With instant online approvals and flexible eligibility criteria, you can drive away on the same day with Blinker - some dealers will even deliver your car right to your door!

International visitors

Poor credit history

Self employed

Swap your car to suit your lifestyle

Whether you need a bigger car for your growing family or want to change your car with the seasons, Blinker offers the flexibility to change your car to suit your lifestyle.

Earn free swaps while you drive

Swap anytime (fees may apply)

Frequently asked questions

How does Blinker work?

How can I subscribe?

Visit any participating dealership either instore or online to subscribe on the spot.

How much does car subscription cost?

The price of car subscription starts from $129 per week and varies from dealer to dealer. Each dealer offers their own subscription plans, pricing and perks so it pays to shop around for the best deal.

Am I eligible for car subscription?

Eligibility criteria for Blinker is far more accessible than buying or financing. Most customers over the age of 21 can be approved to drive instantly with Blinker.

How is subscription pricing calculated?

Blinker works in a similar way to your mobile phone plan. First you pick a plan that meets your needs, then add your car. Some cars are included in the price of the plan while others may attract a weekly premium.

What cars are available on subscription?

You shouldn't feel like you're driving around in a rental car. There are thousands of cars to choose from through participating dealerships around Australia, from affordable hatches to luxury performance cars.

Can I use the car for ridesharing?

Not all participating dealers will allow you to subscribe to drive for the purpose of operating a ridesharing service. Check with the dealer before booking your subscription to see if ridesharing is permitted.

Why can't I sign up on the Blinker website?

Blinker powers car subscription at a dealership near you. To sign up for a Blinker car subscription, you will need to visit your nearest participating dealership in person or online.

Is this like rent-to-own?

No, there is no obligation to purchase the vehicle and your subscription payments do not accumulate toward the purchase price of the vehicle.

Can I have additional drivers?

Yes! As long as they meet the same eligibility criteria, you can add up to 5 additional nominated drivers to your subscription for a weekly fee. Only nominated drivers are covered by your Blinker subscription insurance.